How to Draw a Barn Owl Attack

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Step 1

Start your drawing of a Barn Owl attacking it’s prey by drawing in the eye.

Step 2

Then draw the fur around the eye that give it it’s interesting face shape.

Step 3

Continue your drawing with the back, tail and top of it’s claws, also called it’s talons.

After you finish your Barn Owl Attacking drawing why not color it in like this!

Click on the Barn Owl above to find out how I created these colorful images from my bird drawing.

I used watercolor paints and masking fluid, both available from BLICK art supplies.

Some interesting facts about Barn Owls to inform your drawing

The barn owl can often be found breeding in farmland with scattered copses and in gardens but rarely in villages that are close to fields.

In Britain, it’s not a scarce Owl but it’s local and sedentary. Our barn owl is mostly nocturnal and found flying in the late evening, and the kind of food it eats is voles frogs and insects. It can be found nesting in a hole in a tree or in a building or in a roof, and often in the nest boxes in and around farmhouses.

Barn owls typically will only have one mate for life. Owls have nocturnal habits. There are 17 species of owls and they catch their prey primary with a surprise attack. They have very dense plumage and it’s a soft surfaced plumage, that’s what allows them noiseless, silent flight. They have large talons with which to catch their prey. They have excellent hearing and vision, with a large head with often characteristic facial patterns. Their eyes are directed forwards and some of them have ear tufts.

The sexes are similar but the female is usually slightly larger than the male. You find them nesting in cavities in an old nest of twigs, or on on the ground, and their eggs are white and rounded. Unlike many other birds, the baby barn owls will usually feed each other in their nest which I think is very friendly of them. Another interesting fact about barn owls is that their ears are slightly uneven, one being a little bit higher than the other and that allows them to tell where sounds are coming from.

When drawing your Barn Owl pay particular attention to the underparts which are practically pure White. They have heart-shaped faces, and dark, almost black eyes. The upper plumage is grey and ochre, so consider that when you begin your Barn Owl drawing.

Techniques in graphite pencil for drawing an Barn Owl

Pencil hardness for the bald eagle drawing

Graphite pencils are graded according to their approximate hardness. The harder the pencil, the lighter the line it makes on the page. The softest pencil will make a very dark line, and having a large range of hardness will provide depth and drama to your Barn Owl drawing.

You may know that pencils are rated for hardness and softness utilizing the HB range. A typical collection of 5 pencils which is ideal for animal drawing in general, will range from 8B, the softest, to HB, the hardest. You can get harder pencils than HB, although these are much more adapted to technical drawing. When you attempt to get away with using only a single HB pencil, you will find yourself pushing down too hard in a useless effort to obtain a sufficiently dark tone. Changing to a softer pencil is a better option, particularly as a set of five pencils is not too pricey. You can see the range of effects it can create in the picture further down.

Do reward the Artist in you with a good collection of pencils in a variety of degrees of softness, as it will certainly open up a broad sphere of possibilities for you in all your animal drawing. I also suggest that you use a good make of paper or board to work on. This will certainly aid your drawing significantly in terms of giving a high-quality feel to the finished product. If you desire to mount some of your more successful drawings, they will look so much better if the paper is sufficiently thick to remain flat under glass.

Watch this video to get tips and learn techniques that you can apply, should you like to do a more advanced drawing of a Barn Owl.

Ideas and Techniques in colored pencil for drawing a Bird

Ideas for easy Bird drawing in colored pencil

I’m a big advocate of colored pencils when it pertains to sketching animals in principal, as well as for adding some coloring to your drawing of an Owl Attacking they are just perfect. They are really very easy to handle, providing a remarkable level of control, and you can put them away easily after you’ve finished drawing for that day.

You do not need to acquire the most expensive brand name of colored pencils for your Barn Owl drawing, but you often get what you pay for, so don’t go with the cheapest ones either. You can try out hard, soft, watercolor (these are soluble in water permitting you to paint over them with a brush loaded with water to soften parts of your drawing) and also oil based.



An excellent paper to choose is hot pressed watercolor paper, as it will certainly take a lot of layers of colored pencil shading as well as lends itself well to blending methods. If you plan to re-work your animal drawing thoroughly then choosing an excellent board such as Bristol Board could be the very best direction to go. There are two kinds of Bristol board to select from, the flattest surface is called “Plate”, which is the most effective surface for blending as well as adding built up layers of shades of color.

The other surface is referred to “Velum”, and it’s not as smooth. This slightly rougher board will grasp your pencil strokes much better, as well as allow for a more textured look which may match your Attacking Owl drawing better, yet it truly comes down to what sort of finish you wish to attain in the end.



You can integrate colored pencil with various other techniques such as watercolor or pastel. You might, as an example, rough in the basic shapes and tones in either watercolor or pastel, and then round off your drawing by drawing in the much more detailed parts with your colored pencils.

As always you must experiment with many different approaches to learn your very own distinct preferred style. Only by trying all the different possibilities will you uncover what works best for you personally.


Ideas and Techniques in Watercolor for drawing a Bird

Ideas for easy Watercolor for birds

Watercolor Paints

By no means do you have to buy “Artist’s quality” paint, to start with. It was four or five years after beginning my professional occupation as an artist when I switched over from student quality watercolor to Artist’s quality. I would, however, strongly suggest that you purchase good grade “student quality” watercolor paint when you draw your Attacking Owl using Watercolor.

Watercolor Brushes

Drawing a bird in Watercolor is not as difficult as it might appear at first glance. This is due to the fact that you can use watercolor in several styles. You can use it with a large soft round brush called a Mop, or a big flat brush called a Wash Brush or merely a “Flat”. These brushes work well for backgrounds to your ……… drawing, permitting you to use a method referred to as “wet in wet” which is excellent amusement as it is extremely easily done.


Watercolor Paper

You can select from 3 different types of watercolor paper. One of my favourites for detailed work is smooth, additionally called “hot pressed” as it is pressed really smooth shortly after it comes off the rollers when it is still warm. It’s wonderful for realistic work.

Up next a fantastic well-rounded paper, with a medium texture, called “Not”, simply because it’s just the same as “hot pressed”, pressed to make it smoother, but “Not” when it’s still hot, but rather after it’s cooled off a little bit. Ultimately “Rough”, which is left completely unpressed. Surprisingly you can still do a very precise drawing of your Owl on “Rough” watercolor paper if you use a unique way of painting called “lifting off”, yet much more regarding that in the section further down the page regarding watercolor technique.

Watercolor Technique

” Wet in wet” is the greatest fun you can have with watercolor, painting directly into either moistened paper or a colored wash that has not yet dried out. You can change the outcome tremendously by varying the quantity of dampness when you paint right into the wash or wet paper. Play around with this just for the enjoyment on a scrap little bit of watercolor paper to acquire experience and also self-confidence.

The following method is among my personal favourites for the control it gives you for creating refined tones. Basically, you cover a section with flat hue or tone and you let it dry completely. Then, you take a clean damp brush and then you gently lift off the shade or tone you would like to make lighter. You can use various sizes of brush depending on the final result you wish to achieve. These are just some of the strategies you can make use of when drawing your Owl Attacking in watercolor, so get going and have fun!

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