Draw a Bear's Head

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Step 1

Start the drawing of your Bear’s Head by drawing in the eyes. Use light strokes of your pencil as you begin the drawing so that you can erase easily if you make a mistake.

Step 2

Now draw the Bear’s nose and nostrils.Notice how similar it is to the nose of a dog!

Step 3

Join up the nose and eyes with a curved line to represent the top of the muzzle.

Step 4

Now add the mouth and chin.

Step 5

The short strokes of your pencil will give an indication of the fur on the Bear’s face.

Step 6

Now draw in the top of the bear’s head, including the ears, and the fur of its ruff.

Step 7

Using short strokes of the pencil, draw in the detail of the fur in the ears, and on the top of the head.

Step 8

Add some more detail to the side of the head using the same short strokes of the pencil.

Step 9


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