How to Draw a Shih Tzu

Step 1

Start by drawing the eyes of your Cat in pencil. Draw lightly at first so that you can erase easily if you want to change anything.

Step 2

Next add the mouth, nose and whiskers.

Step 3

Now we can add the outline of the head.

When you finish your Shih Tzu drawing why not color it in!

Click on the painting above to find out how I created these colorful images from my Shih Tzu drawing.

I used watercolor paints and masking fluid, both available from BLICK art supplies.

Some Examples by Patrick of How you can Color in your Shih Tzu Drawing

Click on a Shih Tzu below to see a bigger one!

How to Draw a Shih Tzu dog Video

This video shows another way how to draw a Shih Tzu dog. It’s more realistic with shading as well. Pause the video to draw it at your own speed!

Speed/Timelapse Shih Tzu Video

This video shows a Speed/Timelapse version of how to draw a Shih Tzu dog. 

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